Headache Ayurvedic Treatment

When any type of pain strikes, all we seem to think about is quick relief so that life can go back to normal. The practice of Ayurveda excels in headache pain relief with the aim of not only treating the symptoms but going for the cause of the problem. Headache Ayurvedic treatment is based on the belief that headaches are cause by some form of aggravation that needs to be addressed if relief is going to be found.

Ayurveda treatment for your headaches

The practice of this ancient treatment regime known as Ayurveda is based on their belief that when a headache occurs it is because there has been a lack of balance in some areas of life. This lack of balance is caused by fever, mental stress, reading with poor lighting, excess use of nicotine, watching television while sitting either too near or too far, side effects of some conventional medication, lack of proper sleep, head injury or even as a symptom of another disease, among other things.

The practice therefore teaches that when there is a headache, a sufferer should not simply rush out and buy painkillers that will only deal with their obvious symptom—pain—but the aim is to find out and reach the real source of the headache and then the symptoms will disappear after the problem is addressed. The practice of Ayurvedic medicine helps in creating familiarity with particular headache zones in which they occur to help the practitioner in determining the real cause of your headache. They are able to determine whether your headache is caused by kidney disorders, stomach ulcers and just about any other disorder in your body.

Anyone suffering from frequent headaches who have tried treatment without success may most likely be treating the symptoms of a disease they have no knowledge about.  Since there are numerous factors involved in causing the pain in your head, this treatment type looks for the root cause before you run to swallow painkillers so that your problem is addressed comprehensively.

In headache Ayurvedic treatment headaches are classified depending on their locations such as those that occur on the frontal lobe of the head. These are referred to as emotional headaches and they are known to cause head pain on the front area of the head. They are said to be caused by emotions such as fear, anxiety, insecurity, jealousy, anger, stress, envy etc.  There are other emotions such as greed, depression, and possessiveness that may also cause head pain in other areas of the frontal lobe of the head.

Ayurveda headache treatment also teaches about allergic headaches such as when someone is exposed to chemicals or other toxic products that may be found in food additives and preservatives, dyes, perfumes, insecticides, disinfectants, or exposure to tobacco and alcoholic products. There are also systematic headaches that are related to the malfunctioning of various tissues in the body and they are known to come as a result of numerous diseases. Some diseases that cause systematic headaches include rheumatism, diabetes, edema, congestive heart failure, hepatitis etc.

Other diseases include eye infections such as glaucoma which can cause headaches as well as numerous ear infections. Toxins in the liver can also cause headaches just as metabolic disorders that are caused by digestion disorders together with malabsorption and deficiencies of various kinds. This also includes those headaches caused by fatigue, injury etc.

When you decide to follow headache treatment using Ayurveda, it is due to the belief that ordinary painkillers only pacify the symptoms.  Even when they are effective in reducing the amount of pain you feel, they also distort the balance and therefore do not deliver the requisite healing you would benefit from. While conventional medicine alters the normal metabolism of the body, Ayurvedic medicine promotes the balance of the system and they work in a way that the body tissues are protected to the optimum.

. This approach used in Ayurveda treatment embraces the entire relationship of the pain you have in your head with all other constituent aspects such as emotions, food, the environment, stress and all other signs and symptoms that accompany a typical headache. The aim of Ayurveda then is to give all the necessary support so that the body will alleviate the headache in its entirety.

Headache Ayurvedic treatment is therefore practiced with the use of essential oils and pastes which are gently applied on the site of the pain. There are many oils that are used such as sandalwood, jasmine, khus, coconut, as well as ginger, clove, eucalyptus, cinnamon, as well as cardamom whose oils are very effective in relieving headache pain. Other oils that are used in the practice of Ayurveda include ghee or nasya, used in nasal administration.