Hypertension Headaches

It is estimated that close to one fifth of the worlds population suffers a degree of high blood pressure otherwise known as hypertension.  This so called silent killer can continue developing in a person for a long time without knowledge. Hypertension headaches become a clear signal that they need to check on their blood pressure.  When they attack they are usually accompanied by other obvious health conditions that can easily be identified.

Identifying Factors of Hypertension Headaches

When hypertension strikes it comes with a host of signs and symptoms, one of which is hypertension headaches. One of the signs of this type of headache is pressure felt just behind the eye which may be accompanied by a feeling of dizziness. You are also bound to feel palpitations and the heartbeat generally becomes irregular. Other symptoms are fatigue, nervousness, a frequent urge to urinate, restlessness as well as shortness of breath. When a patient develops a headache that is accompanied by some or all of these sigs then it becomes a clear indication they suffer from a hypertension headache.

It is extremely important for patients to take note of any headaches that accompany the signs of high blood pressure. The reason is that whenever such a headache strikes, it is an indication that something is going wrong in their system and it needs to be checked out by the doctor. Abnormalities in the blood pressure are detected easily when this indicative headache suggests that things are not alright. The ideal situation is that a possible sufferer needs to check their blood pressure routinely because when it is maintained at an optimum level, they should be able to live a comfortable life and avoid any complications.

It is important therefore to say that many cases of hypertension will almost always be accompanied by a mild or severe headache, depending on the health status of the individual. Many cases of hypertension headaches happen to occur in the mornings as opposed to other times during the day. The headache is usually felt at the back of the head and any other factor that goes with it will depend on the individual’s age as well as the status of the disease. Available records indicate that more women than men are likely to suffer cases of hypertensive headaches with those who are gone past the age of 50 being more prone to attacks that younger patients. Another factor that seems to make cases worse is related to obesity as well as pregnancy. We will also not rule out the place of stress in the incidence of headaches that are related to high blood pressure.

Sufferers of hypertension must remember to take their morning headache as a clear signal sent by the body that blood pressure is not okay and when it is checked, measures to rectify the problem need to be taken immediately. When this is not done, it is possible for devastating damage to be done on the body because high blood pressure interferes with the sound activity of many other body parts. Apart from the fact that the headache is going to disrupt your daily routine, it is therefore a good reason to make sure that when you feel it, running to get painkillers should not be the solution. When a proper diagnosis for the underling cause has been discovered, it can be treated and in the process, your headache will simply fizzle out. There is medication nowadays that can effectively cure high blood pressure especially when it is combined with changes in one’s lifestyle.

Prevention of hypertension headaches

It should be clearly noted that with information on your side, it is nowadays possible to prevent hypertension headaches especially when one employs some changes in diet and their lifestyle in general. One major contributor to high blood pressure is a high intake of table salt and when the consumption is reduced or eliminated, relief from headache pain is always achieved. Another important area in the reduction of the ravages of hypertension is the reduction of consumption of unsaturated fats especially the type that is found naturally in red meat. Hypertension sufferers must therefore do everything in their disposal to cut down on their weight so as to increase metabolism. A slow metabolism is known to cause poor circulation which in turn invites high blood pressure. Another important aspect of lifestyle change is the prevention or reduction of stress because it is known to increase the incidence of hypertension headaches.

With such a big number of people suffering from hypertension you can imagine that hypertension headaches are becoming a real phenomenon today with many doctors dealing with an extremely anxious population. The world is becoming so fast that most people are losing out on the battle for the daily struggle and such lifestyle diseases as hypertension are just becoming the order of the day.  The secret of avoiding hypertension headaches is learning to take care of your personal world which will result in a normal blood pressure. This happens to be the only way you will manage to combat the high incidence of hypertensive headaches. However, when the attack is severe there are medications that can be used effectively to help in lowering your blood pressure to a level that is normal.

Hypertensive headaches can be quite disruptive and they should be prevented as much as possible if they cannot be completely avoided. Even though there may be other physiological and psychological reasons that cause these headaches, the secret of staying headache free the lies with simply keeping your blood pressure at the optimal level. You owe it to yourself to do everything at your disposal to make sure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Even though there are great strides that have been made in the medical world in the treatment of this condition, nothing beats a healthy lifestyle in keeping you in a healthy state and avoiding the pain associated with hypertension headaches.  It may be time to be reminded of the old adage, ‘health is wealth’. Anyone who can avoid falling sick today will not only enjoy a comfortable life but will also save himself a big amount of cash.

The resurgence of high blood pressure as a major disease underscores the importance of taking regular medical checkups, especially of your blood pressure, at regular intervals. Your physician will be able to notice well in advance when there are changes that need to be rectified before they become serious. You will avoid the ravages of hypertension because the disease is known to develop secretly without showing any definite symptoms until it becomes too late. You do not want to get a surprise one day, out of the blue, when the doctor tells you the reason for your persistent headache is hypertension yet you never saw it coming.  Make sure your constant headache is checked out early whether it is mild or severe since it may just be an indication of something else that is more serious.

Many times hypertension headaches begin as a mild attack which may be the reason why many sufferers do not take them too seriously. However there are times when the attack is so severe that it leads to a complete blackout but you do not want to wait until then. Other frustrating symptoms that are known to accompany hypertension headaches include palpitations and an irregular heartbeat, cramming in the legs, retinal hemorrhage and ultimately it could lead to kidney or heart failure. It needs to be noted that the symptoms may not be completely uniform for all patients and therefore a medical examination is what will reveal the truth about the cause of your persistent headache.

The important thing you need to know is that you don’t need to take your headache lightly because it may be a signal that you need to do something to prevent future trouble with your blood pressure. You may want to have your blood pressure checked immediately as this may provide a simple clue whether the pain in your head is a normal one or you are coming down with a hypertension headache. Your headache can only be treated correctly when your doctor diagnoses that real cause of the headache. Since there are many other triggering causes for headaches such as allergies, hormones, and other disorders, professional medical advice is what is required at times.

Once the cause of your headache has been identified then treatment will be found and in a good amount of time you should be able to go on with your life.  One thing you must remember is that there cannot be hypertension without a tell tale headache as one of the main symptoms. Lifestyle changes and medical care will help you overcome and get on with your normal life.